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The best 4-season tires in 2023

The best 4-season tires in 2023

Manufacturers Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental AG have developed specific tire ranges for different types of vehicles (passenger car, 4×4, utility vehicle), engines (thermal, electric), driving styles and budgets. As the climate has a strong impact on tire performance, they have also manufactured models adapted to each season: summer tires, winter tires, 4-season tires (an excellent compromise for temperate regions). This article looks at the characteristics of this very efficient tire over a wide thermal range and the criteria to remember when choosing the best 4-season tire .


What are the advantages of 4-season tires?


The 4-season tire is a versatile model that combines the technologies of the summer tire, which is a standard tire, and the advantages of the winter tire. This means you will be safe on both dry and wet, snowy roads, with an operating range covering temperature variations from -10°C to +30°C .


The 4-season tire is characterized by a rubber that is less rigid than the summer tire and less flexible than the winter tire . The tread pattern combines wide longitudinal grooves comparable to the designs of summer tires and numerous sipes characteristic of winter tires to guarantee grip in winter driving conditions (mud, snow).


By equipping your car with 4-season tires, you benefit from the advantages of a hybrid tire offering:

  • Good grip in summer and winter conditions;
  • Good behavior when braking on dry and wet surfaces;
  • Good resistance to aquaplaning;
  • Increased longevity.


Why choose your 4-season tires carefully?


It is important to seek advice from your Speedy auto center for anything related to your tires, because the wrong choice can put you in danger. There are two types of 4-season tires: those with only the M+S (Mud + Snow) marking for mud and snow, and those with the additional 3PMSF (3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake) marking, an Alpine symbol representing 3 peaks. mountain with a snowflake.


The difference between the M+S tire and the 3PMSF/M+S tire is significant . M+S does not correspond to a strict approval procedure, unlike the 3PMSF marking. The M+S indication established by the equipment manufacturer only means that the tires are qualified for driving in winter on muddy and snowy roads, while the minimum safety and mobility performances on snow of the 3PMSF/M+S 4-season tire are certified by standardized and regulatory tests, delivered by a European-certified laboratory.


If you want to replace your used tires with all-season tires or equip yourself for winter to travel in a region where traffic conditions are poor, do not hesitate to choose the best 4-season tire in the 3PMSF category. This choice is also necessary if you live in a region affected by the Mountain law, which defines traffic conditions in mountainous areas and reminds that from November 1, 2024  only tires identified by the Alpine symbol (3PMSF) associated with the M+S marking will be authorized.


How to choose the most suitable 4-season tires for your vehicle?


It is important to select the best 4-season tire for your car since you will be driving with it all year round. The criteria to consider are:

  • The category of vehicle to be equipped: utility vehicle, private vehicle, SUV, 4×4, camper van;
  • The type of engine: thermal or electric;
  • The brand of the vehicle;
  • The context of use, on-road or off-road;
  • The region of residence.


To help you choose the best 4-season tire, you also have the tire label which establishes its score based on:

  • Rolling resistance (represents approximately 20% of the consumption of a private vehicle and 30% of a heavy goods vehicle).
  • Wet grip.
  • Grip on snow with the presence of the 3PMSF pictogram.
  • Grip on ice.
  • Sound emissions.


The scores and characteristics indicated on the label allow you to choose the best 4-season tire.


The best brands of 4-season tires


You will find the best 4-season tire among the premium models from the best manufacturers: Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli. Your Speedy auto center offers a selection of the biggest brands . You can also order your inexpensive premium 4-season tires online or ask your auto center manager for advice.


Choose the tire according to your budget


Your Speedy auto center offers you a selection of 4-season tires at an attractive quality/price ratio. You can choose the best 4-season tire from reputable brands (Firestone, GT Radial, Hankook, Uniroyal, or even Laufenn), or based on your budget. For this, Speedy has selected quality manufacturers such as Atlas, Tristar, Austone, and Compasal.


Speedy offers a wide choice of solutions to equip your car with the best 4-season tires, which you can order online. By appointment, we will mount your tires, balance them, and adjust the alignment of your car to ensure your driving comfort and avoid any irregular wear of your 4-season tires.


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