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Car service frequency: everything you need to know

Car service frequency: everything you need to know

To keep your car in perfect working order , you must ensure regular maintenance. This is an essential guarantee of your safety and that of your passengers. To avoid breakdowns and increasingly costly repairs, it is therefore advisable to respect the brand’s periodic service plan. When should it take place and at what pace? Should you rely on the information in the service book, the mileage or the age of the vehicle? All the answers are in this article, allowing you to know when the car service should be done .


When to service your car?


Regular maintenance of your vehicle is the guarantee of its optimal operation and longevity. The frequency of maintenance varies from one vehicle model to another, but certain elements remind you when to schedule a visit to your mechanic.


Carry out a maintenance visit for a new car

The maintenance booklet indicates when to do the first service of your new car. This visit must take place after 1 year, or even 2 years depending on the model and engine (petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric). This is the average time it takes to replace parts before they become damaged and cause major breakdowns requiring costly repairs. This maintenance visit also allows you to retain the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do not hesitate to consult your Speedy center manager  to find out about the overhaul plan for your vehicle .


Service a car based on kilometers traveled


The mileage recommended by the brand for servicing is shown in the maintenance booklet supplied with your car: generally every 15,000 km for a petrol engine, every 20,000 km for a diesel engine and every 30,000 km for electric vehicles. These frequencies vary depending on the model, but it is preferable, even if you drive little, to do it every 2 years. This coincides with the technical checks, which allows you to anticipate the passage and obtain, without a second visit, the sticker to stick on your windshield and the stamp affixed to your registration document.


Rely on the manufacturer’s recommendations mentioned in the maintenance manual

Any new or used vehicle is accompanied by a maintenance booklet containing in particular the services to be carried out. Drivers can thus know the frequency of maintenance visits and the different points to check depending on the age and mileage of their car.

Speedy offers different vehicle maintenance packages that take care of essential checkpoints. Your center manager will be able to advise you on the appropriate package for your car and draw up a quote.


Why is it important to have your car serviced?


Regular servicing of your automobile guarantees its reliability, because various essential components are reviewed . Indeed, mechanical elements, tires, filters, lubricants, etc. wear out and must be regularly checked, and if necessary cleaned or replaced.

To avoid unpleasant surprises during your long journeys (to go on vacation for example), go to your Speedy auto center to have your vehicle serviced .


What checks should be made during the overhaul?


The frequency and checkpoints therefore depend on the model , brand and engine of your vehicle (petrol, diesel, electric, etc.), but also on its general condition, the kilometers on the odometer and your daily driving: in city ​​or highway.


The overhaul generally consists of different operations, from the most basic to the most advanced, and important checkpoints for your safety:


  • Engine oil change and cap gasket replacement;
  • Changing the oil filter, air filter, diesel filter for diesel engines or spark plugs;
  • Topping up oil, coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid;
  • Checking lighting and signaling lights;
  • Checking tire pressure and wear;
  • Battery diagnostics;
  • Electronic diagnostics;
  • Checking brakes and discs;
  • Checking the wiper blades…


Speedy offers different revision packages. Ask your center manager for more information.


Should you have your vehicle maintained by a car manufacturer?


Before 2002, you could only have your car serviced in your dealership’s garages in order to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. Since European Directive No. 1400/2002/CE of 2002 , you can have your car maintained and have the necessary repairs carried out in the garage of your choice, provided that the automobile professional follows the recommendations mentioned in the manual. ‘interview.


As a reminder, the manufacturer’s warranty is contractual insurance with a precise duration and conditions of application . It covers all mechanical, electrical or electronic parts of the car, except so-called wearing parts, for 2 years, or even more depending on the manufacturer (often in the form of extensions). This requires the manufacturer to cover the costs of repairing defective elements and labor. The manufacturer’s warranty does not apply if you are the cause of vehicle problems, nor does it cover maintenance costs.


If your dealer calls into question your manufacturer’s warranty because you did not have your car serviced in partner garages, your insurance can ensure that this warranty is maintained.


The experts at your Speedy auto center take the manufacturer’s recommendations into account when servicing your car. Whatever the brand of your vehicle, our technicians take care of its maintenance while preserving the manufacturer’s warranty.


How much does a vehicle overhaul cost?


To simplify maintenance operations for your car, Speedy offers 4 service packages:

  • Basic drain ;
  • Total maintenance;
  • Full maintenance;
  • Builder.


Depending on the condition of your vehicle, its age and the last interventions mentioned in your maintenance log, the Speedy center manager will direct you to the most suitable package.

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