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Body work

Car Bodywork Repairs

Our car bodywork repair service provides a convenient and cost effective way to repair all of those unsightly scuffs and scrapes to your paintwork. We use an industry-standard paint system from Standox which consists of around 45 colours and thousands of paint combinations. We can recreate any manufacturer’s colour by simply typing a paint code into our computer and mixing the correct amount of the necessary colours.

Damage is removed using sanders and papers, colour is applied and sealed with a clear coat, then the car is de-masked and polished where needed. The result is renewed bodywork back to its original finish.

Vehicle Dents

S Hocking & Slade Paint & Bodywork Ltd remoulds and reshapes body panels back to their original shape using any specialist tools and equipment required. We reshape the metal so it looks perfect once more, before performing the following procedures:

    • Filling
    • Priming
    • Painting
    • Polishing

Bumper Repairs / Plastic Repairs

Take advantage of our bumper scuff removal service today! Our specialists repair cosmetic damage to all kinds of bumpers. We repair all plastic materials from headlamp brackets to split bumpers with our modern plastic welder.

Scratches and Scuffs

Don’t let scratches and scuffs ruin the appeal or resale value of your car. These are common occurrences and require expert workmanship to be properly removed.

Our vehicle body technicians remove minor scuffs using our modern machine polisher.

Insurance Work

There’s no need to worry if your vehicle’s bodywork has become damaged in a road accident. Our experienced vehicle body technicians and qualified Audatex™ estimator will assess the extent of damage and provide a reliable quote to your insurance company or that of the other person involved. Repair work is performed quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back on the road in no time at all.

Contact our body shop today for more information about our car body repairs.